↣ When can I buy tickets?

Tickets will go on sale February 1, 2016 at 10am (EST) in the gladercon.com Shop. You can find ticket pricing here

↣ Why is it so expensive?

Single-fandom conventions are much smaller than traditional conventions like Comic Con, Dragon Con, Wizard World, etc. Less people attending means less people to share the expenses, including but not limited to paying for the Talent, the venue, travel, signage, and insurance. Our pricing has been carefully researched to compare with other events of this kind.

↣ Will you sell Single-Day tickets?

We don’t anticipate selling Single-Day tickets, but the decision will be made about a month before the event.

↣ Do I have to stay in the host hotel?

No, staying in the hotel is not a requirement to attend the convention. The Sheraton is offering a reduced group rate to everyone attending our event. You can find that information on the Hotel tab.

↣ Will there be photo ops at this convention?

Yes, there will be photo ops at the convention! You will be able to purchase photo ops during our general ticket sale. You must have an admission ticket (Runner Pass, Glader Pass or Greenie Pass) in order to enter the event.

↣ Will I be able to purchase autographs?

Yes, you will be able to purchase autographs! Some of our ticket packages include autographs, but if you want more than what is offered, or you choose a ticket package that doesn’t include autographs, you will be able to purchase those during our general ticket sale. You must have an admission ticket (Runner Pass, Glader Pass or Greenie Pass) in order to enter the event.

↣ What is the difference between a Meet & Greet and a Photo Op?

A Meet & Greet is 30 minutes with a Guest and up to 20 fans. It’s very laid-back and you can ask questions and chat. No photos or video recording is allowed. Time permitting, the handler will take a group photo at the end of the Meet & Greet. A Photo Op is a professional photo with the Guest(s). It’s very quick. Your 8×10 color photo is printed on site within an hour.

↣ Can I have a friend in the photo op with me?

You can have up to 2 people in each purchased photo op at no extra charge. Each additional person over 2 is $10 per person and can be paid at On Site Sales during the event. Reprints can also be purchased at On Site Sales for $10 each.

↣ Will I be able to hug the guests?

That decision is to be made by the Guest and you may ask during photo ops and Meet & Greets, but out of respect to other fans and time constraints,  it’s not allowed during panels or autograph sessions.

↣ Can I have my autograph personalized?

We will allow name personalization unless we feel we are running out of time to get everyone through the lines.

↣ Can I give gifts to the guests?

Gifts are fine to give at the autograph tables and during Meet & Greets if it’s done quickly. It is not allowed during photo ops or panels. Please be respectful of other fans and don’t monopolize all of the Guest’s time.

↣ Can I purchase autographs, photo ops, meet & greets or party tickets without a ticket to the convention?

No. You must have a ticket package (‘badge’) in order to have admission into the convention, do convention activities and attend any panels.

↣ Are my tickets refundable?

Tickets are only refundable if the event is cancelled or if we have to change the dates and you are no longer able to attend.

↣ I’ve purchased my tickets! Now what?

You will receive an email immediately after purchase with your printable tickets. The email will include barcodes for each ticket and extra you purchase. Bring that with you. YOU MUST HAVE THE BARCODE TO REGISTER AT THE EVENT. We can scan them off your phone or you can print the tickets. You will get a barcode for everything you purchase in our shop, including extras. You need the barcode for each item.

↣ Can tickets be transferred or badges be shared with someone else?

One person is allowed entry with each barcode ticket. Once that barcode is scanned and exchanged for a badge, the badge can’t be shared with anyone else. The person assigned the badge at registration is the sole user. Sharing of your badge is against Glader Con policy and will result in the forfeiture of the badge and removal from the convention. Giveaway, free, and volunteer tickets can’t be transferred to anyone.

↣ Can I purchase passes/photo ops/autographs/Meet & Greet’s on site when I get there?

Any items, including admission tickets, that aren’t Sold Out online will be be available at On Site Sales at the convention.

↣ Is there an age requirement?

No, there is no age restriction. However, anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent to attend and we don’t take responsibility for any content that may be inappropriate. There will be cash bars at the parties that will require ID’s.

↣ I’m under 18. Do my parents have to come with me?

Your parent/guardian doesn’t have to attend with you. If they DO, they must have their own admission ticket. If they DON’T, you need a letter from a parent/guardian giving you permission to attend without them that releases Glader Con, Alpha Gamma Wolf, LLC, its Staff and its Guests from responsibility.

↣ Do I have to pay extra to see the panels? 

Panels and the Friday night Welcome Party are included in the ticket price. The Exclusive panel is only for those with Runner and Glader Passes.

↣ Can I be a vendor at this event?

There are opportunities for vendors at the convention. The application and registration requirements will be available under the ‘Vendors’ tab at a later date.

↣ Can you get _______ cast member to attend?

We can’t guarantee anyone specifically until they are announced, but we will do our best to get as many as possible. The more tickets we sell, the more Guests we can invite.

↣ Where can I find the schedule?

The schedule of specific activities will be posted about one week before the event, but Registration will begin at 4pm on Friday afternoon with the Welcome party beginning at 8pm. Saturday will be 9am-6pm, with the Theme party at 8pm. Sunday will be 9am-6pm. We won’t know what day or time a particular Meet & Greet or Photo op is until we finalize travel for the Guests of Honor.


↣ If I see a Guest walking around during the convention, can I stop them for a selfie or autograph?

No. Our policies state that you are not to stop our Guests as they are walking from one event to another. We are on a very strict time schedule and stopping for even one fan will put us behind. You will be prevented from stopping the Guests by their handlers and security team members.

↣ Can I take pictures with my own camera/phone during photo ops or autographs, or have my friends do it for me?

No photos will be allowed during the photo ops, autograph sessions or Meet & Greets, other than those taken by our professional photographer.

↣ Can I take videos during the panels?

No. Our policies state that there is to be no video recording, and anyone caught will be asked to leave the panel. Many of our Guest contracts require this of us.

↣ Can I ask the Guests questions during the panels?

Fans will be allowed to ask questions during our panels. For the safety and comfort of our Guests, staff, and other fans, we will have Question Screeners for every panel. If you try to circumvent our screeners by giving them one question and asking another once you reach the microphone, you will be asked to leave the panel immediately. Repeated attempts will result in expulsion from the event and loss of your badge.

↣ Will you be allowing Press at the event?

We will be offering a small number of Press Passes to cover the event. Due to clauses in the Guest agreements, no interviews will be granted with our Guests during the convention.

↣ Will you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes. We will need volunteers in several areas. Volunteer applications will be posted the last week of September and we will choose based on the applications.