Glader Con is a fan-created, fan-organized convention for The Maze Runner books and movies, featuring Q&A panels, photo op sessions, autograph sessions, Meet & Greets and parties. There will be a charity auction, vendors, and several other fan events throughout the weekend. It will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel on November 11-13, 2016.


Creator/Owner- Betsy


A social butterfly with a penchant for order, Betsy has been planning events as a hobby for almost 2 decades. She spent years chasing Tom Felton and the Harry Potter cast across the globe covering events for both Feltbeats.com and HarryPottersPage.com. Her start in organizing conventions began when she partnered with her friend, Amy, who had the brilliant idea of a fan-created, fan-run convention in the Northeast for MTV’s Teen Wolf in 2014. Howler Con was born and with two successful events under their belts, Betsy decided she wanted to branch out. As a fan of James Dashner’s book series and the first two movies, The Maze Runner seemed to be a perfect fit, especially as it would be the first of its kind.

Has an unhealthy affection for Squirrels, Slytherin house and Clemson football.

Find her on twitter at @Southernbets, @HowlerCon@THoechlinNet, a Tyler Hoechlin fansite that she co-owns, and of course at @GladerCon


Ashley- @MellowMerrin

Director of Volunteers and Vendors, the Charity Art Auction and the tumblr page.


Special Thanks:

  • to Ashley, who nagged and begged until Glader Con became a reality
  • to Amy, who customized this fantastic website and tries to keep me tech-savvy
  • to Karina, for the beautiful artwork